On the Edge in Bellagio

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Girl in Bellagio Italy
I have never been somewhere before that quite literally takes my breath away looking at it. Bellagio changed that.

When we decided we were going to Como it was a very last minute decision. I didn't have the opportunity to excessively Google and plan out what I wanted to see and do while we were there, which is my usual habit. In some ways, I actually think I had a better time travelling this way as it allowed me to be surprised.

Lake Como is bigger than I ever imagined it would be and so when we bought bus tickets to get from Como to Bellagio I thought it would only be about a 30 minute journey. I was wrong, it was double that. Perhaps in that particular situation it may have been better to Google what we were doing but the trip didn't feel like it took a huge amount of time because the views were absolutely stunning. For anyone who loves long, bendy roads with panoramic views, this would be right up your street.

I don't even know where to begin with describing Bellagio itself. We only got about an hour there in the end, as we spent most of our day in Como, but it is still the highlight of my trip.

When we were on the bus, in between trying to spot George Clooney's lakeside house and debating whether we had in fact seen Robert De Niro earlier that day (I still swear yes), we saw some snow-topped mountains and knew we wanted to head to somewhere that we could get a better view.

It had been a really sunny day and it was fairly windless in Como but walking down towards the point of Bellagio we were fighting a losing battle against the wind. There was some restaurant steps that led down to a docking area and the views from there were like those you find on a postcard! The air hit my lungs as I breathed in and made my hair look as though I hadn't brushed it for a month but I loved every second. It smelt like sea salt and the ocean and reminded me of holidays I went on as a child.

We were the only ones down there for a while but an American woman and her mum offered to take a photo for us and, in a rare moment, we're both smiling at the same time.

I would go back in a heartbeat as I'd love to explore more. Have you been?
Couple in Bellagio Italy