The Duomo from a Different Angle

31.3.16 Unknown 0 Comments

Milan's Duomo through a window frame If any of you have read my blog before now, you will be well aware of the fact that I am currently living the high-life in Milan. You will have also probably seen the beautiful building that is the Duomo plastered over every single form of social media I own. Sorry - not sorry.

It's actually become a bit of a running joke now. When I first arrived here, I was the ever-so-typical Year Abroad student and snapped away with my camera at anything and everything I saw. In pretty much every set of photos I sent people, photo after photo featured the Duomo standing tall and proud in the September sun.

Obviously the cathedral was widely used as a symbol for Milan long before I ever set my eyes (or camera lens) upon it, but I can't help but laugh whenever I scroll through my Camera Roll and see a fresh batch of photos that I've somehow managed to take. I don't think it will ever really hit me fully that I only live 15 minutes from the marble giant that stands in the centre of the city.

In spite of the fact that I walk past it every day to get to my uni building, and still can't help staring, I was caught by surprise the other week when I was taken to somewhere I could view it from a different angle.

It's still just as amazing.

I'm the first to admit, I'm not a huge museum person. I tend to get bored, overly warm and sleepy when walking round and then find that I've wandered further from an exit than I'd wanted to.

However, a couple of weeks ago I'd been playing the tourist with my friend, Rachel, and we'd had a look round the inside of the Duomo which neither of us had done before. Afterwards she suggested we check out the Museo del Novecento to the side of the Piazza as she'd seen a photo that looked as though it had been taken against the 'office' windows above looking out onto the cathedral. We decided to try our luck in case we could get up to the top and were told it wasn't actually an office but a free museum. The more you know!

We had a bit of laugh at one tv stuck to the wall showing a video following some pigeons in the square but otherwise made our way round pretty quickly. That's until we came to an escalator up to the windows where we managed to spend about 20 minutes taking photos with the shadows and watching people in the square below. I'm so glad Rachel persuaded me to go in as it was amazing to see the Duomo from higher up. I've only been able to see it at that level being stood on it and you don't quite get the full effect of the front side being set against the window frames of the museum.

The shadows made the photos come out quite tumblr/pinterest-esque in the end. If you fancy seeing more you know you can catch my Insta here or click here to see Rachel's.

What places have you seen in a different light recently?