Living in Milan During Fashion Week

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Milan Fashion Week A/W 16
I am back in the beautiful land of Italia and have plenty to catch up on in terms of the amount of beautiful food that needs eating and attempted Italian conversation that needs having. Whilst I am settling back into the rhythm of university and tutoring I thought I’d get a little post up about Fashion Week as it finishes here this week.

Having lived in Milan since September, I have been in the city during both the S/S ‘16 and A/W ‘16 Fashion Weeks. I would have absolutely loved to actually attend a show but being a big believer in the ‘UGG boots and plain hoody’ combo I doubt my style is quite up to standard. Alas, it was not to be. You win some, you lose some.

Whilst my style is a little plain-Jane it didn’t stop me observing a couple of differences between living in Milan on a daily basis and living in Milan during Fashion week. Check out the list below!

1) Milan’s a multicultural city anyway but all of a sudden, wherever you look, there is the appearance of countless more English-speaking voices (American, English, heavily-accented English, very heavily accented English…it’s all here).

2) You start looking at every person over 5ft 10/11 in height as potential model material. What show are they off to next? Versace? Prada? I wonder if they know any of the designers personally…

3) Stilettos become a thing on the 8.00am red line heading central as everyone pays that little bit extra attention to who could potentially be around them possibly come to Milan specifically for Fashion Week.

4) ‘Model watch’ is an actual activity! Plonk yourself in a seat at an outside café and you’re set for at least an hour or two, one of my fave spots is a place on Cso. Vittorio Emanuele II called ‘Tre Gazzelle’ but you’d be a bit out of the way in terms of model spotting unless there was a show in the Piazza del Duomo that day.

5) Vogue Fashion Night is a different experience depending where abouts in the city you head to. Unless there is anything special advertised, I found that it’s merely an excuse for extended shopping hours on Via Torino and the surrounding areas so skip the Piazza del Duomo for the night and head to the little cafés for the actual fashion events.

I am disappointed I couldn’t get closer to seeing a show whilst I was here, but seeing the pop up screens and public showcases round the city was enjoyable too. I won’t lie to you guys, I may have popped into a Mango store or two to see if I could spot Kendall Jenner casually perusing the racks. I mean, she is the star of their campaigns at the minute so why wouldn't she be there?? I know I’m an optimist but it was worth a try!

Have you been to a Fashion Week?