26.1.16 Unknown 0 Comments

This post was meant to go up weeeeeeks ago but for some reason whenever I take a ‘small’ break from blogging it extends far longer than I mean it to. I can never just jump straight back into the swing of writing, editing photos and posting…sorrrrry! Because it has taken me ages to focus enough to sit down and write I thought I’d keep this one short and simple just to try and kick start my brain again! Whilst it’s still January, here are my goals for this year…

1 – Be more spontaneous. I tend to get comfortable in a routine so pushing myself to do more outside of my normal day-to-day activities will probably be good for me.

2 – Write more Travel and Lifestyle posts whilst I still live abroad. Travel posts are always my favourite to feature and see the photos from.

3 – Try my hand at a new hobby. I want to attempt something different this year.

4 – Improve my Italian as much as I can and try to maintain it even after I leave Italy.

5 – Put the phone down more and be present.

Thank you for sticking with me for this long now, even though it has been on and off on my part, I hope that this year is a happy and healthy one for all of us.