From Mexico to Thailand in 2 Minutes?! World Expo 2015

1.11.15 Unknown 0 Comments

Well, kind of...

The World Fair (Expo) is an event that comes around every couple of years and is a festival of sorts aimed at showcasing what different areas of the world have to offer. Countries from around the globe come along and set up pavilions to show off their best bits. It just so happens that this year, the very year I ever so coincidentally move Italy, Milan has been playing host. This weekend saw the closing days of the Expo and I hadn’t yet been so Thursday night found me hopping on the metro to Rho Fiera with no clue as to what exactly waited for me at the end of the line.

The only question I have for myself now is why did I not go sooner?! Expo was exactly my kind of event. Food on sale in every direction you look, hundreds of people to watch in your brief moments not exploring and a mini firework display at the Tree of Life show (pictured above). Before going, everyone I’d spoken to had said the food was expensive and the queues were long, whilst I did have to wait longer than I liked for some pavilions, in terms of the food prices I have to disagree. I managed to get away with only spending €8 in total on food and drink (scampi in the Belgian stalls and a Corona in Mexico). If you’d headed to the sit down food establishments in ‘Eataly’, then yes, you probably would have had to pay restaurant prices. However, as a student I am ALL about hunting down the best deals.

I have to admit I was surprised at just how big the event actually was. After hearing about it for so long, and seeing photo after photo on Instagram, the scale still hadn’t dawned on me. We arrived there at 7pm and could have stayed for hours longer than we did, wandering through each area and taking it all in. However, due to queues and only having time to attend in the evening when some of the stalls were closing, I don’t feel I got to soak in as much as I would have wanted to in an ideal world.

That being said, Thailand is now number 1 on my Wanderlust list, where it missed the cut completely earlier this year in my Travel Bucketlist which you can read here (ever so casual plug, I know). Walking up the wooden pathways alongside a stream with boats covered in fruit and flowers into a 360 degree cinema with fake rain to simulate their rainforests, the Thai pavilion made the biggest impression upon me. The country looks simply stunning and I can’t fault their presentations as I definitely want to visit now, which I’m hazarding a guess was their aim.

If you also fancy a night where you can skip from country to country, one minute Spain and the next Sudan, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until 2017 when it is Kazhakstan’s turn to take on the next event or 2020 if you fancy seeing Dubai host. Until then, feel free to live vicariously through my photos which can be found on Instagram (view my snaps here).

Have you ever been to a World Expo? What was your favourite place?