A Day in Verona

19.10.15 Unknown 2 Comments

Every summer when I was younger my parents would pack up the car and we'd all jump in and make our way across Europe to end up in Caorle, a small inland town on the coast opposite Venice. Because of this, I have so many great memories of Italy but in actual fact I haven't explored the country other than Venice and Verona. Whilst I'm living here for the next year, I'm planning to discover as much of this beautiful, boot-shaped land as I can. That being said, I thought I'd start with somewhere familiar and last Saturday a small group of us hopped onto the train and headed into Verona.

It's been years since I'd last been and if I'm completely, 100% honest I didn't remember a whole lot other than the stone steps in the Arena and eating watermelon with a plastic spoon from a street stall in the side street next to my hotel. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find said street stall again, be still my broken heart. Watermelon disappointment to one side, Verona is one of the most stunning cities I have ever visited and it was more than easy to find other things to occupy my day with.

After purchasing the Verona card, an €18/24hour pass that allows you to travel for free and gain entrance into the main attractions and museums in the city, I managed to fit in the main touristy sites during my day there. If the photo above wasn't a complete giveaway, at the Casa di Giulietta I yet again got my pose on in front of another monument (see my Instagram here for more piccies, taken by the wonderful Elisabeth Johansson). No shame.

L'Arena is always worth a visit, although when climbing down the stone steps it did make me feel a little funny and I'm normally alright with heights. When we were there, a German touring choir began singing which made the visit a little surreal, but enjoyable nonetheless. I love the marble walkways and that, in spite of its history, when you're walking round you feel as though you are discovering the city's little side streets and piazzas for the first time.

Whilst this wasn't the first time I've been, I don't think it will be my last either. There's just something about Verona that I love.


  1. Looks amazing I am so jealous, Italy is one of my favourite places too!:)
    Eleanor x