I Moved to Italy...

26.9.15 Unknown 0 Comments

Megan Georgie in Milan, Italy
After over a year and a half of research, countless forms and mini breakdowns, I finally did it. Last Friday, I boarded the plane and flew out to Italy for my year abroad. Megan, meet Milan...

Whilst I'd felt pretty chilled about the whole process until last week when it actually came to packing and saying my goodbyes, the first day was admittedly a hell of a lot harder than I'd ever thought it would be. My luggage was mislaid and took a further 24 hours to arrive and landing in 28 degree heat with nothing but a turtleneck jumper and jeans probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had now I think about it. Thankfully it was easy enough to locate a cheap strappy top and underwear for the next day so I could focus more on my first visit to a city renowned for its high fashion, impressive architecture and industrialism.

Admittedly, I had a hesitant moment on my own in the Metro when I was unsure which direction I needed to travel in, but after a couple of questions in my very broken Italian the guide was able to steer me to the Bisceglie line for the Duomo. I am now also very aware of the Italian for 'look out' as I had it shouted at me by 3 different people on my way into the metro when I stood in some vomit...grazie mille tutti! Always a helpful phrase to have in my pocket.

Alright I may not be painting a brilliant picture of my first day here, but I really enjoyed it in spite of the mishaps. It definitely made it more interesting and whilst I would have preferred to have my luggage with me straight away, it was here by the next morning so it wasn't too much longer until I could unpack properly.

At the minute I am still majorly in holiday mode, and probably will be for a while to come as the weather is just so warm, but this city holds so many promises for the next few months and I can't wait to discover them. For now, keep your eyes peeled both here and on my social media's (Twitter/Instagram) to catch up with what I'm getting up to in Italia.