10 Things You'll Understand If You're a 90s Kid

18.7.15 Unknown 2 Comments

I was born pretty much slap bang in the middle of the decade (June '95 baby, right here) and I am very much a proud 90s kid. The other day I realised that every 90s child is now between the ages of 15 and 25 and that made me kind of sad. So when an old episode of Ready Steady Cook, which I used to watch religiously FYI, came on TV the other day I got all nostalgic and decided I would try my hand at a 90s kid throwback list just to look back over and reminisce.

1) The absolute buzz on the playground whenever a new Destiny's Child/Girls Aloud/Atomic Kitten single was released.

2) Being able to recite every line in the Princess Diaries 1 and 2 and feeling like the world had come to rights when Raven, from the epic That's So Raven, appeared in the second film. Oh yeah, Disney were genius.

3) The frustration when your Tamagotchi's matchmaker wouldn't arrive when everyone else was already on their third generation...come on Cupid-agotchi!

4) Buying Scoobies from Poundland and twisting them into such a tight pattern the tips of your fingers went white from lack of blood flow. Dedication.

5) Being so totally obsessed with Charlie Simpson from Busted, bushy eyebrows included, and being heartbroken upon hearing they'd split...I was 9. There's just some things a girl never quite gets over.

6) Quite literally having to put one phone on top of another to send Justin Timberlake's SexyBack to your friend as the Bluetooth connection was that bad and pretty much always failed if the phone was even moved a millimetre. Get this, Bluetooth was actually the hip, new thing then. How times have changed.

7) Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Need I say more?

8) Spending hours whiling away the time drawing a doodle on Paint and painstakingly filling in every white space. If you were a pro, you even took to drawing them out sans computer. Impressive, I know.

9) Watching Legally Blonde at 10 years old and deciding then and there you were going to become a lawyer, own a chihuahua and have bleach blonde hair. None of which has happened. Yet.

10) Absolutely losing your mind when the crossover movie of the Rugrats and the Wild Thornberry's was released. Yes, you may have been 8 at the time but it was everything you ever wanted in a film...

What are your 90s flashbacks?


  1. Great post - the things are so true :-)
    Last week, I've been to a karaoke event and we sang a lot of 90s songs like Wannabe and I want it that way, that was funny ;-)