Lip Product Haulin'

22.7.15 Unknown 6 Comments

Sometimes I really can't help myself...

My makeup collection has recently seen the addition of three new products, all for my lips. I love them. A lot. Leftover birthday money, a sale and Duty Free contributed to this mini splurge and my makeup bag is definitely a lot happier. My bank balance not so much as my birthday money is now no more. Sob.

Earlier this year, I'd been rooting through my makeup collection and it struck me that a lot of my lip products (read: all) were the same colour, pinky brown. I'd wanted to update my stash for a while but it was pushed to the back of my mind during exams and then I got distracted with the excitement of my birthday and going on holiday. Duty Free hit, as did the holiday blues afterwards alongside the desire for more variety in my stockpile of lip products. This just so happened to coincide with Fragrance Direct's sale on MAC lippies, it's still live so check it out here.

Welcome MAC's 'Speak Louder' and 'Syrup'Different colours and finishes, both have been on my wishlist for a long while.

'Speak Louder' being a cremesheen was my first pick of the two as the formula is my favourite when it comes to MAC lipsticks, the colour payoff is always great and it doesn't dry your lips in any way. To be quite honest, I'm surprised I chose such a bright colour. I'm known for having an aversion to anything with even a smidgen of colour, I am very much a nude lover. But I LOVE this. I know there's a buzz about 'Impassioned' at the moment, but I thought I'd take baby steps towards colour as it seemed just a tad too bright for me. I've swatched 'Speak Louder' when I've been my natural skin colour and when wearing fake tan and I really like both effects. FYI in the photos for this post, I'm modelling my usual Snow White self so you can see the colours on pale skin, because I'm just so thoughtful like that (and forgot to tan last night, oooops).

Usually I steer well away from lustre finishes as I didn't really see the appeal of a sheer lipstick. Just me? However, I hadn't been blind to the hype surrounding 'Syrup' and after umm-ing and ahh-ing and reading countless blog reviews, I gave in. I'm so glad I did. It's not my usual colour by any stretch of the imagination as it has an ever-so-slight purple undertone which makes it lose the warmth that 'Speak Louder' has. However, this has quickly become the colour I reach for in a morning both due to its lustre finish making it ridiculously easy to apply without the need for perfecting and the colour being a kind of 'my-lips-but-better' shade.

Let's talk Yves? It's most definitely a luxury item and the first YSL product I've ever owned. No, I didn't need it. But the feel of this on your lips is nothing I've ever had with makeup before. Described as a 'Volupte Tint in Oil', I can't find a way to explain it other than that. It's an oil that tints your lips. My parents picked this up for me in Duty Free as once again it had been on my wishlist for months. The shine of the product upon application really threw me off and I expected a sticky residue to come along with that. How wrong I was. It's smooth, yes, but not sticky. And ohhhhh man, it smells like watermelon and reminds me of holidaying in Italy when I was younger. I have shade 05 'Cherry My Cherie' and when I first put it on it seemed pretty sheer and I was a little disappointed, 10 minutes later it was bright pink. 5 hours later it had lost its shine but my lips were still pink. I can't honestly explain how happy I am with this lip oil/tint/whatever it is, I know it's not cheap but it really does deliver and there's no coloured lip mark left on a glass after drinking. Score!


  1. I love these lipsticks. They look great on you!!
    I prefer the amplified finish but each to their own.
    I really hope I get a lot of birthday money to get so mac lippys.
    They all look lovely on you!

    Ellen, - two new giveaways on my blog!

    1. Thank you so much, Ellen! I like the amplified too, I just find cremesheen is easiest to apply without having to think too much about perfecting it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Do you have the same colour too? It really has great staying power :)

  3. Wow, all those lipsticks look fab! I might have to have a look at syrup - such a lovely colour!
    Lucy xx

    1. I love them! I've genuinely used Syrup every day since buying it :)