Beating an Old Man

15.7.15 Unknown 4 Comments

Now, before you get too carried away with your imaginations, not everything is as the title suggests and seeing me on top of a mountain is not a sight you will come across too often. Soak it up while you can...

Last week, Ross and I decided we'd try our hand at being the fighting-fit 20 year olds that we're expected to be. We headed to the Lakes and took on the Old Man of Coniston - not an actual man, for anyone concerned. The Old Man is a 2600ft (ish) mountain in the Furness Fells and we managed the entire trek to the top to see the breathtaking views over Coniston Waters and the surrounding areas.

I won't lie, I haven't 'properly' walked/hiked since I was 13 and it was an obligatory activity on school trips. I used to enjoy it for the first hour and hate every minute after that as we were always in a really big group and my pace was never up to the group speed.

However, 7 years have passed since I was a tween bemoaning group exercise and me and Ross thought we'd give Coniston a go. Neither of us is particularly sporty, but we're not entirely unfit either and I'm so glad his pace matched mine! Admittedly though, we both made the mistake of starting the walk off slightly too fast and having to have a break 20 mins up a steep incline to readjust our speed. After that though, the walk was really enjoyable and the views were absolutely stunning.

About 2 hours into the hike up, you're rewarded with the sight of Low Water lake sitting calmly behind a disused slate quarry. I had hoped to find a spring to top up my water bottle with, but splashing my face became more important. As the water contains copper, hence the reason it appears so blue, that put me off drinking it further. However, the water was extremely cold and so we took a bottle of it up to the summit with us anyway to rinse our arms and necks off as we climbed to the top.

At one point on the way down I thought Ross was being a drama queen as he kept complaining that his feet hurt, but about 15 minutes from the bottom the sole of his right boot flew completely off. When we got back to the car, after a quick attempt at reattaching the sole with a shoelace, the reason for his pain became clear as he took his socks off and revealed that both big toes were bright blue and bruised...

I definitely enjoyed the journey up to the top more than the way down, I always seem to struggle with my footing more when gravity is aiding my descent. Admittedly, the walk was a lot harder than I expected seeing as the reviews had said it was reasonable, but we had apparently chosen the difficult route. Who said being ambitious was easy?

In spite of that, I really enjoyed being reunited with my walking boots for the first time in 7 years and I'd definitely do it again...though maybe not for a couple of months.

Where have you enjoyed hiking?


  1. Love the pictures ,they are amazing! :)
    xoxo Antonella

    1. Thank you so much! The views were incredible :) x

  2. I've never hiked before :( Wonderful post and amazing first picture!

    1. Thank you! You should give it a try, it's a great way to get out of the house and really gives you a chance to explore! Make sure you get a map/guide of where you're going though :)