Travel Bucketlist

13.5.15 Unknown 4 Comments

1 - New York City, USA  /  2 - Playa Blanca, Lanzarote  /  3 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

I'm the first to admit it's been faaaaaaar too long since a travel post appeared on this site, so today I thought I would step up my game again and talk about the top 5 places on my travel wishlist at the moment. My blog's been very makeup-oriented recently and whilst I absolutely adore chatting about beauty with you guys, in spite of the fact that all your recommendations make my bank balance very sad, I want to live up to my 'lifestyle, travel and beauty' categorisation for all you who followed for that reason.

I love travelling and have been extremely lucky in that I have been able to experience travel both in the EU and United States so far in my life. When I fly out to Milan in September I will have slightly easier access to Europe and I am hoping to take full advantage of that.

For now, let's get straight into the list...

1) Beijing, China.
Mainly for the Great Wall, which my brain can't even comprehend the size of, but also because I followed the 2008 Beijing Olympics religiously and would love to get the chance to really explore the city.

2) Reykjavik, Iceland.
I keep seeing Groupon offers for this, including flights, and it's oh so very tempting. The bookable excursions to see the Northern Lights, though of course there's no promise of a sighting, and the hot springs are screaming my name. Anyone with me?

3) Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
Instagram photos galore. Need I say anymore?? In all seriousness though, Bora Bora or any one of the French Polynesia islands are high up on any travel list of mine, I only wonder when I'll get myself there, not if!

4) Queensland, Australia.
Whilst I think I'd prefer to see Sydney first, higher on my list of travel desires is the Great Barrier Reef which is situated along the Queensland coast. I just have to get that snorkeling/scuba diving thing down to a T first...

5) Cannes, France.
When I was younger, every summer would be spent in the backseat of my dad's car driving through Europe to Italy and we would always go through France. In spite of this, I have never been to the South of France. Since meeting Ross, I have heard so much about it and would love to go one day. Why Cannes? I'm not entirely sure, if I'm honest. It seems like a good place to start.

Whilst some of these dreams are perhaps more realistic than others, I would love to be able to tick them all of one day.

Where is one place you would absolutely love to visit?


  1. great post, its definitely putting me in the mood for travelling! I really want to visit Cannes in France, it looks so beautiful. would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. Thank you so much Louise! Cannes is gorgeous, I'd love to go one day. Of course, I'll have a look now :)

  2. You have an interesting list of places you want to go to, and I'm surprised Paris didn't make the cut. Lots of travelers love dreaming of Paris, after all, although that doesn't make your list come up short. In fact, your list stands out, Megan. Anyway, I do hope you get to Reykjavik soon. The Northern Lights are an absolute treat to witness. Thanks for sharing that! Happy travels ahead! :)

    Mike Christensen @ VisaCompare

    1. Thanks, Mike! Hopefully I'll get there one day. Paris is indeed on my list too, but at the minute these 5 are taking the lead.