Negative-Space Mani Ideas

22.4.15 Unknown 0 Comments

I love nail polish. I always have something on my nails, whether that's a bright or a nude, they are never just plain. However, I've never attempted my own nail art or something other than different colours on separate nails before. Earlier this year, I bought myself some nail art brushes from ASOS (you can find them here or in the My Shop tab above) and I am determined to start getting a bit more creative.

Today, I thought I'd try my hand at negative-space nail art. I've seen loads of photos and tutorials floating around the internet for a couple of months now so I couldn't resist having my own go earlier. Rather than attempt to do a full-blown tutorial, as this was my first attempt too, I thought I'd try 5 different styles using the same colours and see which I preferred. As predicted, some of them didn't work out perfectly, but I will definitely be trying the designs on my three smallest fingers again.

Have you attempted nail art of any kind? Is negative-space your thing?