March Wishlist

5.3.15 Unknown 0 Comments

One of my favourite things to do when I'm out is to window shop. More recently, I've even taken to keeping multiple tabs open in safari on my phone to track what I'm currently lusting wonder my battery is so awful at the moment!

Whenever I make a wishlist, I often find that when I come back to it a week or so later, half the things on it I suddenly find a flaw with and so never end up buying. Not only does having a wishlist allow me to dream of the different things I could do/make/own etc., but my purse and bank balance really do thank me for it as I don't spend money on things that I'll find I don't actually want. There's a line that Sandra Bullock says in The Blindside that's just always stuck with me and it's something like; "If you don't 100% like it in the shop, you'll never wear it". Whilst this is a little difficult when it comes to online shopping, I still find it to be true and it has stopped me buying just for the sake of it. I no longer make excuses for a piece of clothing just because I like other parts of it.

I've spoken of my endless love for list-making before, but I thought I would make a monthly wishlist a regular feature. Whilst I will probably end up not actually buying half the things on my list for one reason or another, mostly because none of these are actually that cheap and my bank account would be screaming at me, I still love to window shop and that won't be changing any time soon.

Here is my monthly wishlist for March.

1) ASOS Smokey Floral Pyjama Teddy - £20.00

2) Clinique Cheek Pop (Berry Pop) - £16.50

3) Whistles Signet Cuff Bracelet - £20.00

4) MAC 195 Concealer Brush - £19.00

5) Benefit Roller Lash - £19.50

What's at the top of your wishlist at the moment?