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11.3.15 Unknown 2 Comments

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The internet is an amazing thing that develops by the minute. It creates endless opportunities for discovery and advancement and yet sometimes it can play host to a not-so-enjoyable environment. From 'trolls' to spam, the internet can be a platform for the less pleasant things in life. In spite of this, the majority of individuals you discover online are attempting to be nice. Today, I am aiming to spread the blogging love and share some of my favourite blogs to read at the moment. So, snuggle up with a blanket and some hot chocolate, I spend hours reading through some of these if I've missed a few posts!

1) DizzyBrunette3
By far one of my favourite blogs at the moment. Whilst Corrie has been running DizzyBrunette3 for a while now, her content at the moment is on point! This post itself is a little inspired by her weekly 'You Go Glen Coco' feature (the latest of which you can view here). If you aren't already familiar with Corrie, her blog or her amazing hair, you can be sure to find something relatable to on her site. My favourite posts of hers at the moment are her gif series, which have me nodding my head along with each one. Give DizzyBrunette3 a visit if you fancy a laid back approach to life and beauty.

2) The Sunday Chapter
Again, not a new blog on the block. However, The Sunday Chapter is a new blog on my reading list. I am loving the more lifestyle-related posts that Angela posts, my favourite being the recipes...I really want to have a go at these cookie-dough chocolate truffles sometime soon! Maybe in my April break from university?

3) One Nail to Rule Them All
I am a nail paint addict. I pretty much always have nail varnish on my nails, I really don't like the look of plain nails on myself. I'm the first to admit that I'm not overly ambitious with my nail painting, block colours tend to work well for me. However, I've been following Alice's blog for about 10 months now, and I'm obsessed. Taking some inspiration from her, I have invested in some nail art brushes (£6 from ASOS at the mo!) and I'm going to see just how creative I can update to follow.

What are your favourite blogs at the moment?


  1. I have just read a post of DizzieBrunette's! I really enjoyed it, most definitely on point haha! I will be checking out the other two also! xx Really nice writing style :)

  2. Corrie's is one of my favourite blogs to read, and I love her youtube channel too! I'd definitely recommend reading essiebutton's blog too xx