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25.2.15 Unknown 4 Comments

I am a big believer that lighting a candle can almost instantly change your mood. If you're having a particularly low day, or are feeling a little frazzled, lighting one of your favourite scented candles will never fail to change that.

More recently for me, I don't necessarily have to even be feeling down to feel the urge to light one of my collection. I find it so unbelievably comforting to sit back as a candle flickers slowly next to me. As cheesy as it sounds, my worries melt away with the wax of the candle. It is genuinely surprising how much warmth a little flame can actually kick out and if I am feeling a little cold in my not overly well-insulated student house, having a candle around can really take that edge off.

I have burnt my way through my fair share of candles pretty recently, the Linea Pink Grapefruit & Mango was a go-to for a while. Some of my favourites at the minute are the East of India Vanilla Soy candle and Bath & Body Works' Green Apple Orchard, which my housemate brought back from California for me.

The East of India candle is by far my favourite currently! Whenever I light it, I am instantly surrounded by the smell of warm vanilla which reminds me of the time I put too much vanilla essence into some cupcakes in one of my first Food Tech. classes in high school. Whilst they were far too sweet to eat, they smelled absolutely gorgeous and lighting this candle brings back them memories.

Not only does it smell good enough to eat, but it looks adorable sitting on my candle tray in my room! The candle comes in a mini Mason jar with the words 'Love You to the Moon and Back' printed on the lid. This is already cute, but 'love you to the moon and back' is a line out of one of my favourite story books from when I was younger; Sam McBratney's Guess How Much I Love You. I was with my mum when we found the candle in a shop just round the corner from my university house and she spoilt me and bought it. When I have burnt the whole candle, which sadly I think could be very soon, I am going to use the pot to store bobby-pins or bobbles as it's too nice to throw away!

Do you love lighting candles too? What are your favourites, any recommendations?


  1. I've been loving 'snow in love' by Yankee candle! :) xx

    1. Ahhhh it smells amazing! Yankee Candle's new Sicilian Lemon and the Aloe Water both smell great too!! :) x

  2. This candle is absolutely adorable! I love it :) xx