Flashback | Lifesize Snakes & Ladders

14.12.14 Unknown 0 Comments

For anyone thinking of taking a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon anytime soon, I couldn't recommend it more. Before heading back for my second year at university, my boyfriend drove me down to Stratford for the day to see the home of Shakespeare as I had never been before.

As an English student, perhaps I should be saying that the best part of the day was seeing where Shakespeare had lived and built a reputation for himself. This was my main reason for going and, don't get me wrong, I loved being able to walk around the rooms and gardens of the houses owned by him and his family. However, the best thing about the whole day was exploring a new place with Ross. From the two-hour drive, singing away to each other (not necessarily in tune) and getting slightly lost in the one-way system in Coventry, to playing the oversized Snakes & Ladders in the garden, kicking the waterlogged foam dice around and making our way up (and down) the board. It's these moments that I remember best looking back on the day now.

Going to Stratford was a great experience and although the weather wasn't the best, walking through the cobbled streets, in and out of the houses where some of the best plays and poems I've read could have been inspired was amazing.