If you Like Piña Colada's, And Getting Caught in the Rain

29.8.14 Unknown 1 Comments

On perhaps the wettest day that the UK has seen this summer, I headed down to London with my boyfriend to experience the delights of Notting Hill Carnival on parade day. In spite of the ridiculously heavy, seemingly unending rain and the slight breeze, I had an absolutely amazing time! Having been to the Caribbean a couple of times before, the noise, colours and atmosphere that came along with the carnival reminded me of some of the best holidays of my life and brought back so many happy memories!

Not long after getting to the carnival site, I made sure Ross and I were both stocked with a stereotypical rum punch before heading off to see the first of the parade shows. The thing I love about the Caribbean culture is that everything and everyone seems so full of life! I know that because it is a celebration the parade is a show, but you can't help but feel sucked in to the happiness as you wander around the streets of Notting Hill with streamers, colours and partying policeman surrounding you (even in the rain yesterday).

The music really is catchy and you soon find yourself wanting to dance in the road with the parades! As Notting Hill Carnival is an annual celebration, it isn't surprising that it is a popular event with the streets teeming with thousands of carnival-goers each year. If you aren't someone who likes a lot of noise or big crowds then perhaps the carnival isn't the best place for you...HOWEVER if you want to experience something different I would definitely recommend heading down there next year!


*Disclaimer: the quality of these photos may not be great because I took them on my iphone...I did have my big camera with me, but it was just soooo wet in London that I didn't want to risk taking it out and causing any damage!*

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  1. I've been dying to see notting hill carnival, it looks like so much fun to have a drink, listen to the music and have a dance. If only the british weather had taken a break!!

    Danielle xo