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I'm back and with my first ever review!!

The ends of my hair have felt dry recently, so I've been looking into hair repair treatments as I can't quite face getting a hair cut just yet as I love the length. Having very curly, long hair, I have tried my fair share of hair treatments, masks and oils. The Phase 3 Hair Repair Oil by Hair Chemist Ltd. and the Original MoroccanOil Treatment have been my test subjects this time round.

Phase 3 Hair Repair Oil:
My mum was in London a few weeks ago and picked this product up from Covent Garden for me. I have looked online and you can get it for about £9.99 from Amazon. The formula comes in three separate layers of oil which you shake before dispensing through your hair.

- Smell:  very earthy and herby, I looked on the ingredients list and as far as I could see all the ingredients were natural.
- Feel: this product is very oily to the touch, as expected, however when in your hair you can't necessarily tell, which is always a plus!
- Effect: it claims to control frizz and add shine. Whilst my hair has indeed been a lot shinier, I'm not so sure about the frizz control element. If you are interested, I can do an update when I've had the product for a bit longer.
- My Comments: the product is supposed to be used after styling on dry hair, but I found that it seemed to work better on my hair when it was still slightly damp!

- Rating: 3.5/5! Great product, nice smell and I love that it's all natural, but it could be better in terms of frizz-management.

MoroccanOil Treatment:
MoroccanOil is by no means a new or unheard of product. The go-to hair treatment for professional salons and a much-hyped Blogger favourite, the brand has a lot to live up to. I am no stranger to MoroccanOil, I have the in-shower deep hair mask and my hairdresser uses the brand's products. The original MoroccanOil treatment is a simple Argan oil and the 25ml bottle can be purchased from professional hair salons and online from between £12-£15. Amazon are currently listing it for £13.60.

- Smell: I love the smell of MoroccanOil products! They always remind me of getting my hair done professionally. The smell is fairly sweet, but it isn't too overpowering.
- Feel: this is a thicker oil than the last, you really don't need much of it to see an effect.
- Effect: this product does work extremely well, which is great seeing as it isn't the cheapest of options. My hair feels a lot softer and smoother, which I love.
- My Comments: I really love the way my hair dries after using the MoroccanOil treatment, my hair is completely agreeable for once.

- Rating: 4.5/5! I absolutely love this product. It definitely lives up to its name, my only quibble is that for some it is quite pricey for only 25ml but for a heavy duty hair oil, I don't think you could get much better!


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  1. Us curly haired girls gotta stick together!
    I love Morrocan oil, I have used the normal one as well, but it's too much for my fine curly hair.
    Since you have thick hair, I can imagine it works much better on yours.
    I have the light version and swear by it.
    Lovely review!
    Keep 'em coming!
    xxx Elle