Polaroid Moments

12.7.14 Unknown 0 Comments

Usually I ignore the ads that I see on Facebook, but Polagram caught my eye. I've looked at Social Print Studio (Printstagram) in the past, but as the site was American and would take a while to create, let alone ship, I decided against placing an order. Polagram on the other hand is French-run.

I initially placed an order for some prints for myself, opting for the 'PolaStyle' 10x12cm prints, which are only £0.29 per print which is pretty impressive. I ordered them on Monday and expected a 2-3 week turnaround for the prints, similar to Printstagram, but the photos arrived on the Thursday and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the packaging, photos and service that I received.

My photos arrived in a bright pink envelope and tucked inside was a small patterned slip of paper with a thank you for the order and origami instructions to create a small dog which I think was a very nice touch that makes the company a little different.

I am so pleased with Polagram that I have already placed (and had delivered, speedy!!) my second order for my friend's 18th birthday in August!

To receive your discount with Polagram, quote my personal referral code PGQ8NSW6 at the checkout!