Italy, I'm Coming for Ya!

24.7.14 Unknown 0 Comments

As of this week, I can now happily say that in August/September 2015 I will be flying out to Italy for a year (a whole year?!) to live and study in the bustling city of Milan.

I am unbelievably excited and relieved that my work this year has paid off as it felt so difficult at the time. When I am out there, I will unfortunately miss most of my friends' 21st birthdays, graduating at the same time as everyone I have met this year and all the little things that are familiar and welcome  right now. I will be uprooting my entire life for a year and moving to a foreign city known for it's high culture, fashion and history. I know that it will be hard when I am out there, I'm not wearing rose-tinted glasses. Some days I will wake up wanting to see my mum or dad, or I'll feel like I'm missing out with my friends here in the UK as they all prepare for graduation and the 'real' world.

Going to Milan for an entire year isn't an opportunity I'm likely to get again and the fact that I have achieved the grades I need to enable myself to go is incredible. Whilst I will miss my friends and family incredible amounts, this is an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. The chance to travel, learn another language and experience another culture is so exciting and I cannot wait to begin learning Italian! Bring on La Dolce Vita!!