DIY | Scratch Map

30.7.14 Megan Georgie 0 Comments

This Christmas just gone, my parents bought me a Luckies scratch map. A scratch map is a large, rolled map with a scratch-offable (no better way to describe it) foil top.

I love to travel and it's no secret that I'd love to travel as a part of my future career, but whether I can achieve that is another thing entirely. I had actually considered getting both of my parents their own scratch maps as gifts as they are a fairly well-travelled pair, which may be where I get the travel bug from.

I absolutely love the idea of being able to personalise the world map depending on where you have been. However, as my room has recently been decorated, I don't want to ruin the paint by using blue tac or pins in the wall and so decided to frame the poster.

When I said it was a large print, I meant it: the scratch map measures in at around 80x60cm and so isn't a small piece. As I struggled with finding an affordable frame, I was forced to think slightly outside the box. I bought a 90x60cm office pinboard and strung it myself using regular household string. I loved the effect of this, because when I hung the board, I'd measured the string so that it was long enough to show above the frame creating a rustic, sea-side effect against the blue wall.

As I opted for the cork pinboard as opposed to a regular photo frame, it not only worked out cheaper but it made it easier to personalise too. There is just over an inch of cork border on both sides of the poster, I have decorated these strips with holiday photos and trip mementos such as theme park tickets and coins.

I loved the Luckies scratch map so much that on Valentines day this year, I bought the deluxe version for Ross as I know he loves to travel too.

It is unbelievably satisfying to sit down and scratch off another country to reveal the colour underneath! My scratch map is one of my favourite things in my room and as it is such a unique item it pretty much always acts as a talking point.

If you want to check out the scratch map, both the standard and deluxe versions can be found on Amazon for a very affordable price!